Tuesday, September 18, 2007

travel pictures

Heading South into Austria, Hungary, Croatia,and Slovenia.

The Czech Republic was very interesting as were part of Rotary meetings and homestays. We headed south into Austria and then the Europe most of are familar came back to us. We started using the Euro again and prices were a bit higher.

We found more mountains in Austria and also that brought wine. Jacky liked that about Austria.

After Austria we headed into Hungary. We celebrated our 8th anniversary in Hungary. The terrain was flatter and things were very reasonbly priced.

Croatia was a pass through country. We had a beer and lunch there. Tim and Sue Broderick sponsored our time in Crotia. Very similar to Hungary and very friendly.

We have been in Slovenia for about five days. Two days of rain so we are getting caught up with computer time. The country is very beautiful and the roads are very steep. Super friendly people and they are very hospitable.

Tomorrow we hope to reach Italy.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

You don't experience this from a tour bus!

Baltic countries...they may be poor but they are rich in life! From the flat wooded land of Estonia to the mountains of Poland they have welcomed us in. Through their gratious hospitality we sang, danced, had "freshly made milk and cheese", got the low down on communistic life and the transitions since, shared coffee and pastries, wine, homebrew, shots of vodka, etc. As one of our new friends said, "payment is friendship".

Economy ex: minimum wage in Poland is 420 US dollars a month.

Slovakia is very poor and unkept. Czech Republic is richer with better infrastructure and friendlier people.

Weather is getting cold. Today is rain and 40s. Time to head south.

Thanks for being patient with the website. We have been having some problems downloading pictures.

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