Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Italy, Mediterranean Sea, France

Before we were able to leave Slovenia we experienced the "Bora" winds. One night the winds blew at 80mph for 2 hours straight. We had to brace ourselves up against the inside of the tent to help support it and keep it from collapsing. Quite a scary night.

We finally made it to Italy. As stereotyped, they drive fast and aggressive, talk with their hands and like their wine. We've had many special experiences in Italy. One biker lead us to the town we needed to go to and then brought us to his favorite watering hole. A mailman invited us to his house for lunch. Neighbor campers brought us wine and then had us to their site for a homemade after dinner drink.

We toured... through beautiful (and romantic) Venice...biked the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with its magnificant hues of blues...and gambled at the Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco) in honor of our friend Dale and won 170 euros!

The temps are now in the 70-80s and we are in Bonnieux, France (south France). We are staying at the Trek Travel guide house while Ward works for them for 10-13 days (or whenever he runs out of work). We are enjoying France's scenery and the kind people.

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Bye for now. Ward and Jacky