Friday, September 4, 2009

coastal travel

a few photos along the coast

Golden Gate Bridge

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge with fellow cyclists Snappy and Missy and Buckaroo.

Vancouver to San Fransisco

Making it to Vancouver was a real treat. David and Alice treated us like royalty. Meat and vegetables were only outdone by platters of sushi. A great walk up Grouse Mountain and we were tested for climbing fitness.

Entering in Washington was a real treat because food prices came down drastically. We are now eating fruit and vegetables.

We have cycled the coast of Washington, Oregon and now California. Highway 101 or highway 1.

Camping at the hiker/biker sites has helped us meet many other cyclists doing some of the same things we are doing. The redwood trees of California are unbelievable. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was a another goal achieved.