Monday, August 18, 2008

Helping at the Orphanage

We took the bus to Lurin, Peru which is just outside of Lima (remember, we are currently bikeless). We planned on helping out an orphanage for 3-4 days but the great hospitality made it easy to stay 7 (It reminded us of the song, "Hotel California" by the Eagles. We tried to leave 3 days in a row but that didn't happen.)

Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II takes children off of the street and not only gives them food, shelter and clothing but also teaches them respect, spiritual growth and inspires them to dream. They follow the "Boys Town" model and it is truly successful. We thoroughly enjoyed painting, playing soccer and volleyball with the kids, going to a pro soccer game with some of the boys, and sitting around the breakfast table talking and badgering each other. I recommend checking out their website: Ward and I will definitely return some day.

Goodbye Somas!

After confirmation from our new sponsors "Schwinn" we gave our bikes away. Schwinn is going to be providing us with two new bikes. Coincidentally, the bike model's name is "World Bike". We said goodbye to our Somas. They were great bikes and held up spectacularly well. We found comfort in knowing that the Rotary Club that we gave them to is going to either sell them and use the money for projects or give the bikes to two hard working students. We are excited to try out our new rides. Thanks Schwinn!

Monday, August 4, 2008

One month in Brazil

We have just spent one month in Brazil in the state of Mato Grosso. We were learning Portuguese and fishing and climbing through waterfalls. We slept in the jungle with crocodiles, jaguars and monkeys.

We saw weekend at the beach and also some of the most productive agricultural land in all of South America.