Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What town are we in?

We entered China on the 24th of March and things got even more difficult than any other part of Asia. The language has been throwing us for a loop. Our map is in Chinese and many days we have to ask what town are we in?

The food is good, but we have only pointed at it and have yet to order something by name. The dialect changes about every 60 miles, so we are struggling to stay ahead of the language changes.

  • We took a few days off the bike and climbed Yellow Mountain. If was all steps and after 7 hours of climbing we were really exhausted. Our legs took a few days to recover. Jacky thought I was the drill Sargeant as I made her ride everyday afterwards. Jacky is still smiling though.

We also rode through tons and tons of tea country. Coffee is out and tea is in.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Halong Bay and Hue Vietnam

During our time in Hanoi Jacky took to the street selling fruit. I think she will be a natural in Hanoi. We also met up with Duyen. He spent 6 years in the USA studying and had lived with some of our cycling friends during that time.

Halong Bay was amazing and mystical. I have never seen landscape like this before. We also toured a huge cave during our overnight cruise.