Friday, August 21, 2009

We Survived the Bears, Now we Have to Survive the Fires

After 9 bear encounters (while bicycling) we thought we were in the clear. What laid around the corner?? Forest Fires! One day there were 700+ forest fires burning. Our planned route soon had closed roads and evacuated towns. The ash in the air gave you headaches and sore throats. We were forced to change our route from Whistler to the Fraser Canyon.

The canyon itself was quite a sight to see. Initially it was a desert with temps of 106 degrees. After 75 miles it changed to a rain forest. We welcomed the cooler temps. After the canyon we met some friends and went to Vancouver to their home. They were bound and determined to spoil us and they did. Alice and Dave made Vancouver very memorable with one last hurrah before we ended our foreign travel.