Friday, April 30, 2010

Washington DC

It was quite scary biking on Hwy 1 into Washington DC. The road didn't have a shoulder which forced us to bike out in the lane. It can be a little harry when you're traveling at 13mph and cars buzz by you at 65mph. Once we entered the city we were able to bike on the city bike path which brought us right to Union Station.

We biked around the Memorials and Monuments. Its so breath taking. We were even able to have lunch on the Capitol's lawn.

Ward was thrilled to be able to speak at the Capitol Hill's Rotary Club.

Welcome to North Carolina

On April 2 we entered North Carolina. The terrain continued to provide us with some ups and downs. We were using google to map our route. The new bicycle option that it offers left us at the end of dead end roads, and guided us through pastures, dirt roads and even streams. We opted to go back to the standard maps.

We found liver and gizzards to be a cultural food in North Carolina. Not a delicacy in our eyes.

We had some really fun home stays. We stayed with Jerome and Cheryl Smith. They are friends of ours and have done Ragbrai with us in the past. Ward was in heaven with Jerome's home brew. (Keep your eye out for "Wardweiser" beer.) Ken and Marsha are a couple that we met cycling while we were in Florida. What fun it was to meet up at their homes again.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bike ride video

South Carolina photo with Kathy

More photos of bike ride.

Heading to Anderson South Carolina

We left Georgia and headed to Anderson S.C.. Kathy Friedl Krob,(Sara Putnam's sister) showed a great time in the Anderson. We rode bikes with her bike club. A real highlight was to give a presentation to some of her students. She works with children that are from broken homes and need alot of extra TLC. We were invited to have mac and cheese at one students Grandma's.

Kathy even let me have some mental therapy. I cleaned gutters, mowed lawn and fixed her bikes and did some plumbing in her spare bathroom.

We were really treated to landmark event. I had gizzards a plenty at the Beacon Restaurant in Spartanburg.

We were also able to meet Kathy's close friend John.

The weather warms and we head north.

We are on a fast schedule to reach many of our planned stops. Leaving Florida we headed in Georgia. It starts to get a little hilly compared to Florida. We were treated to a true southern breakfast on chees grits, bacon and eggs at the campground in Waycross.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

We had a Great Time in Summerfield, Florida...Now it is Time to Leave (March 22)

What a great 2 months hanging out in Florida...even if it was cold!

We had such a good time integrating with the locals and snowbirds, and having friends come and stay with us. One of the most desirable factors of being stationary for a period of time is to have some normalcy and to experience a sense of community.

Ward had a great time working at Greenway Bicycles. It was such good therapy for him and the owners, Dan and Jessica, made him feel right at home. They actually incorporated in some of his crazy ideas. (see photo: wood delivery on a bike)

We continued to work on the house that we were staying in and completed most of the projects. Our biggest accomplishment was running the squirrels out of the house. We felt like Bill Murray in Caddy Shack.

Missy and Scott (Snappy) had cycled down part of the West Coast with us. We met them at a campground in northern California. They make fun of all the stuff that we carry BUT they are pulling their dog in a trailer! They ended their trip in October but decided to get back out on the road and, they too, came to Summerfield. It is so much fun to meet up with these folks again. Kindred spirits.

Adam Biel was a bicyclist that we met when we were crossing from Alaska into the Yukon. He was riding with his friend to raise money and awareness for Autism. We rode with them for a few days and then parted ways. Ward and I headed down the West Coast and he cut over through Canada to the East Coast. It just happened that he was traveling through the Summerfield area while we were there. We had a great time while he stayed with us.

While in Summerfield we biked with the clyclists from the Villages. After each ride we would stop at Paneras. It was always intersting to see all the golf carts in this gated community. I never knew they had so many different designs.

In the lower picture you will see Carol Brown making fresh juice from her orange trees. Ward and I picked them and then helped with the juicing process. Let me tell you there is nothing like the taste of fresh orange juice.

Further Hosptilaty While We Were in Summerfield, Florida

We were given exceptional hospitality. I don't think we could have picked a better place than Summerfield (near The Villages)to hang out. Thanks to the locals and snowbirds ... Bud and Barb Mangels, Rita and Joe Barton, Charles and Diane Jacobson, Gordon and Jacquie Ralph, Walter and Gerry Dodds, Linda and the girls, Dick and Carol Brown and to friends that came to visit us...Doug and Sue Burks (Iowa), Adam Biel (Canada, bicycling for Autism) and Missy and Scott (Connecticut and bicyclists)...we enjoyed wonderful dinners and conversation. (Additional hospitalities were mentioned in previous blogs).

Explanation of photos (top to bottom):
- upper left: Jacky's Birthday at Barb and Bud Mangels
- upper right: dinner at Joe and Rita Bartons
- below in chronological order: Doug and Sue Burks , Walt Dodds, the gals (Linda, Ann, Judy and Kathy)