Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome to North Carolina

On April 2 we entered North Carolina. The terrain continued to provide us with some ups and downs. We were using google to map our route. The new bicycle option that it offers left us at the end of dead end roads, and guided us through pastures, dirt roads and even streams. We opted to go back to the standard maps.

We found liver and gizzards to be a cultural food in North Carolina. Not a delicacy in our eyes.

We had some really fun home stays. We stayed with Jerome and Cheryl Smith. They are friends of ours and have done Ragbrai with us in the past. Ward was in heaven with Jerome's home brew. (Keep your eye out for "Wardweiser" beer.) Ken and Marsha are a couple that we met cycling while we were in Florida. What fun it was to meet up at their homes again.

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