Sunday, April 4, 2010

Further Hosptilaty While We Were in Summerfield, Florida

We were given exceptional hospitality. I don't think we could have picked a better place than Summerfield (near The Villages)to hang out. Thanks to the locals and snowbirds ... Bud and Barb Mangels, Rita and Joe Barton, Charles and Diane Jacobson, Gordon and Jacquie Ralph, Walter and Gerry Dodds, Linda and the girls, Dick and Carol Brown and to friends that came to visit us...Doug and Sue Burks (Iowa), Adam Biel (Canada, bicycling for Autism) and Missy and Scott (Connecticut and bicyclists)...we enjoyed wonderful dinners and conversation. (Additional hospitalities were mentioned in previous blogs).

Explanation of photos (top to bottom):
- upper left: Jacky's Birthday at Barb and Bud Mangels
- upper right: dinner at Joe and Rita Bartons
- below in chronological order: Doug and Sue Burks , Walt Dodds, the gals (Linda, Ann, Judy and Kathy)

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