Tuesday, February 23, 2010

12 Hour Mountain Bike Race in Santos, Florida

We had a great time last weekend when we attended a 12 hour mountain bike race in Santos, Florida. Santos is where Greenway Bicycles (the shop where Ward is working) is located. Ward worked on and off throughout the weekend while the owners, Dan and Jessica, raced on a 4 person team. The race started with a Lemond start (you had to run to your bikes). All their friends from Orlando came up for it and we all camped at the race site, Friday to Sunday. Their friends accepted us immediately and we had such a great time with them. It reminded us a lot of our friends back home. Michelle and Tommy did all the cooking for the group and, as you can see, it was pretty primitive camping.

Dan let us take some of his mountain bikes out on the trails. They have superb trails that are color coded and offer a fun experience not only to the experts but also to the beginners. The trails certainly wet Jacky's pallet and she is eager to get back into mountain biking. We thank Greenway Bicycles, Dan and Jessica, for this opportunity.

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