Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its Feeling Like "Home Sweet Home"

Little things have become so special to us like...being able to say, "I'm going home." Or, stopping at a store or pub and they know your name. After 2 1/2 years it is a treat to have an oven and to cook a casserole or a roast. Jacky doesn't even mind cleaning (however, I'm sure that is short lived). Ward has found a part-time job at a bike shop 12 miles away and Jacky is working on updating her dietetic CEUs (that she has neglected for 3 years) so she will be ready to run once we hit ground in Iowa this July. Otherwise, we continue to help fix up the house that we are staying in.

We have been trying to integrate with the locals. We are biking with the local bike club and Ward has joined 2 Rotary Clubs. It was really fun to help with their annual chili cook-off. They have been very good to us and have provided numerous dinner invitations. We have been presenting at schools, Rotary Clubs, bike clubs and hospitals. We don't do it to toot our horn but to show our pictures, give our message, and to let people know just how great the world is.

We're loving our temporary home at this time but we are getting antsy to get back on the road. We plan on leaving Florida on March 22.

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