Sunday, February 7, 2010

Setting Up A Temporary Home Base

From Key West we headed back to the Orlando area. We set up a home base for 2 months as we wait for the weather to warm up along the east coast. (We thought Florida would be a warm place to hang out...not! But still warmer than anywhere else.) We are staying in our friend, Carol's, rental house and helping her remodel it. We met Carol in Thailand last year in a hostel. Its amazing how friendships can carry on.

Ward just landed a temporary job at a bike shop and Jacky is still looking. We have tried to integrate ourselves into this retirement community, called The Villages, by joining the local bike club, Rotary Club, and by giving talks to nearby schools. The people are very friendly and have extended many invitations to dinner and other events. We are actually enjoying having a home base and house and a sense of community. We find having a shower, oven/stove, refrigerator and shower is matter what condition it is in. Our friends from Madison, WI, Greg Franken and his wife, Judy, were in the area meeting other friends and we were able to meet and have dinner together. Its so fun to get a taste of home.

1st: The house that we are staying in for 2 months.
2nd: Ward, Carol and Dick (her husband)in their home.
3rd: Jacky sheet rocking and mudding.
4th: Ward making the cement cover for the sewer.
5th: Greg Franken and his friend having an after dinner drink in the kitchen of the house that we are staying in.

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