Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Great Grand Canyon Pics.

We have so many great Grand Canyon photos. We can only show you a few on the blog but please go to our photo gallery where you will see a story.

Photos: (They did not download in the order that I had wanted them to. Down scroll and start with the last picture. I am explaining them from the last photo to the first.)

(Last to first)
#5. We are heading out on our hike down the South Kaibob Trail to the canyon floor.
#4. Harry Lum asking if we could please pick him up on the way up the trail in 2 days.
#3. We made it to the bottom of the canyon and we are setting up camp at the Bight Angel Campground. We will stay here for 2 nights.
#2. We met the caravan of mules that came down the canyon that morning to deliver goods to the Phanton Ranch.
#1. We did a 12 mile hike on the canyon floor to the Ribbons Waterfall which is shown in the previous blog.

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