Saturday, July 21, 2007

Berlin to Copenhagen

We traveled from Berlin to Copenhagen starting Friday, July 13 and arriving in Copenhagen on July 20. The weather started out rainy, then turned hot hitting high temps of 106 degrees F, then cooled off with strong winds and ended with sunny skies and a tailwind into Copenhagen. Our daily mileage has varied from 50-80 miles a day. It has been dependent on the weather. We have noticed alot of differences between East and West Germany and then of course, in Denmark. We are currently shacking up with our friend Tim Staton (from Madison) in Copenhagen. Lovely but very expensive city. Examples: gas $8 per gallon, Big Mac $15, 1# of ground beef $10, one night in a hostel $120. Needless to say we are not eating out. Please see the photo gallery for photos since we went overseas. They may not be available until Monday (we are emailing them to Kay and she's probably busy biking today - Sunday). Also, please sign up for the e-group and check past e-group messages where you will get a more detailed description of our adventures. The picture on the home page will be changing periodically. Try to guess where we are sitting.

Map our route!

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Elisabeth said...

You won't see any fjords between Oslo and Lillehammer, unless you mean the Oslo Fjord. That is a fjord, but not what you see pictures of. The Oslo Fjord has low hills on both sides, not those tall, giant mountains that go straight up on both sides of the water. The West Coast (Vestlandet), north of Bergen, has the FJORDS. If you miss those, there will be some north of Trondheim too, but not quite as spectacular - I think.

It looks like you're bypassing my sister's. Oh well! Enjoy the ferry ride - it's beautiful coming in the Oslo Fjord too, even if it isn't the epitome of fjords.

Good luck and happy trails!