Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Into Norway and Sweden

We made it across the north sea and into Norway. Oslo and then to Lillihamar and now into Sweden. About 60 miles a day. Camping along side the road or in yards.
Two nights in Lillihamar at Maureen's house.

Some rain and lots of hills. Food and beverages expensive in Norway. Sweden is more reasonable.

pictures to come.

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Unknown said...

Ward & Jacky,

Annika Johnson Nordkvist here, daughter of Paul & Pat Johnson (who have supplied you Christmas trees in Decorah for many years).

My husband and I reside in Gråbo, Sweden just outside Göteborg. If you bike in or near the area, get in touch and use our guest room for a night! We can be reached at 0302-41499 or 0732-559109 (calling within Sweden).