Monday, May 5, 2008

From the Andes to the Jungles of Paraguay

Blogging is sometimes a bit of pain. I am now typing for the second time what took me a half hour to write.

I am going to do bullet form so we can get on the road.

March 17th in Bariloche, Argentina

Heading north into desert.

Hospitality is amazing

Gifts of food and lodging and invitations to asados and birthday parties.

a trip to San Diego for Ross´s Graduation from the Marine Corp

New friends in Santiago Chile, And and John Walker former Luther College Graduates.
a visit to Foz de Iguazu,

Many Rotary meetings.

increased personal and items danger. Safety issues now a concern.

Paraguay has changed from 1985. but still jungle.

I had opportunities to ride off road in the desert and the Andes with local riders.

Things are going well and computers are slow.

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