Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We are now in Peru.

As we left you last time, I was having a terrible time with computers that actually worked. We made it out of Paraguay in great shape. Attending a Rotary meeting in the Asuncion area proved to be extremely beneficial. We met fellow Rotarian Oscar and he took us around Asuncion for the day. Great to have a tour guide. To leave Paraguay we took a boat across the Paraguay River and then a canoe across the Rio Negro. It was difficult to get back into Argentina. We rode the Chaco for 6 days. The roads were very straight, less than 1 percent change in the grade and there no towns. One day we went 133 km with a flat straight road and no towns. It was very boring. Our friend Jeff Freidhof is going to meet us in Cuzco. He moved up the date. So we hopped a bus to get to Peru. Passing into Chile for the 5th time was exciting. We were at the border and the elevation was 13,000. People from the bus were fainting from the light air. It took 8 stamps at the border of Peru to get in. We are very cautious as I had my sunglasses stolen while we ate dinner. We were distracted and the glasses walked away. Jacky´s camelback almost developed legs one day also. The Nazca lines were really cool. Look them up on line to get the details.

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