Monday, September 1, 2008

The School that Elroy Built

(Photos: handing out pencils at the school; the founding Father and Sister.)

My dad (Elroy Spreen) has been telling me about a boys' school in Ecuador that he contributed to in the past...but he didn't know where. Details, details. Well, we tracked it down. It is located in Quito, Ecuador. Now, I didn't see a corner stone with my father's name on it. But, I believe him.

Originally, the school took shoe shine boys off the street and taught them the principles of life. Now, it not only works with the boys but with the whole families. They learn skills and trades and are able to work and support their own. They have changed their name to "A Family of Families". The school has been thriving for the past forty-four years and appears to still be going strong. We met the 20 volunteer teachers for this next school year. We had a great time staying with them for a few days and being inspired by their stories and endeavors. Good job dad!

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