Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alaska gets an "A" rating for hospitality

Alaska has totally overwhelmed us by the hospitality that has been offered to us. Because of the vast wilderness, lack of roads, harsh winters and generally hard living...the Alaskan people really depend on each other. Nina, a fellow Rotarian provided us with all the necessary fishing gear that we would need and had us over twice for dinner. The halibut and king crab were a specialty. We were also invited to outdoor barbecues while we were standing in line at the grocery store and had numerous home stay invitations. One invitation was just too good to pass up. We stopped at the Midway Service Station to have a rest and take a break for lunch. Before we knew it the owner had arranged for us to stay in a refurbished bus behind his station, he had 2 fisherman take Ward out fishing, grilled cod and halibut for supper and asked us to help him deplete his supply of beer. He would not take any payment. He said, "this is what we do in Alaska." WOW! Hats off Alaskans. You are some really cool dudes.

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