Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bison and Moose and Bears, Oh my! Bison and....

Little did we know what was in store for us as we entered the Canadian Rockies. Not only did the terrain change from flat and rolling hills to steep grades, summits and sections of gravel but the wildlife changed as well. In a 2 day period we had 3 different encounters with bear, woke up to a moose in the pond right next to our tent, saw many dahl sheep, played "chicken" with a caribou and passed by many bison right on the side of the road. Do you know how big and intimidating they can be when they are only 10 feet away?

Some things that did not change were the miles of nothing, the many stores and lodges that were closed because of economic times, the wild camping, the cycling 7 hours a day (65-90 miles), the duration of 4-5 days without a shower, the diet of rice and pasta and...of course, the GIANT MOSQUITOES!!!! When we do come to a town we tend to take the day off to hopefully internet, do laundry, resupply our food, enjoy some civilization and mentally prepare for the next leg.

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