Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look out lobsters here we come

We left the history of Boston and went to Cumberland, Maine. Our friend Aaron and his wife, Kristen, live there. Aaron took the train to Boston and he joined us for 2 days of "Budweg" style riding. You know....eating lunch in the park, taking lots of photos of everything and then at night enjoying a local beer. We spent the night in Portsmouth, NH and had a random stranger invite us to his home to stay. He was a cyclist also and he saw our bikes in front of the Rusty Hammer Pub. Super friendly people in New England.

We started our Lobster onslaught when we arrived at Aaron and Kristen's. When in Maine do what the Mainers do. EAT LOBSTER!!!!! It was only $4.99 per pound and scallops and shrimp were the same. Jacky really loves seafood as I do also. Great to spend time with Aaron and Kristen.

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