Monday, May 3, 2010

Virginia Time

As we headed into Virginia we had many opportunities to see the early makings of America. A visit to Jamestown had us thinking of the struggles that people encountered has they came to a new land. The houses and landscape were very distinctive and we could tell of the colonial influences.

We were graciously hosted by Rotarian Doug and Grace Boyce and also hosted by a Warm Shower member Bill Cummins. I was also able to present at the Franklin VA Rotary club.

Our goal in Virginia was to stop in Washington D.C., but on a more important note I wanted to see my sister Greta and her partner Susan. Greta and Susan made us feel like we were home. We were busied with house chores and projects. I just loved it. We were invited over to many of their neighbors for coffee or dinner or a late afternoon cocktail.

Susan and Greta had us at the pool and going to Leesburg for the flower expo. I was line dancing with Greta and just enjoying our time together. Some of the neighbors also had little projects to do. Ceiling fans were installed, bikes were fixed, and closet and screen doors were installed. I was in heaven.

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