Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 10 to 14 of 100 Days in India

First of all Jeff, Jacky and I would like to thank  Brian Franzen and Betty and Darrel Branhagen for sponsoring a couple of the last few days.   We use the sponsorship usually to buy a nicer Indian dinner and a few beers.

Total kilometers to date is 983 in 10 days of riding.   We left Tonk and headed for Bundi.  Bundi is a tourist town and we could see that right away. There were many more hostel and guesthouse options and things were cheaper because of the competition to get tourists.   We found toilet paper and so we bought 10 rolls.
Just so everyone knows Jacky has something for animals.   She had a monkey jump on her chest.  She now has dogs barking her.  Camels talking to her and cows running into her.  I am not sure what it is, but it adds a new dimension to protecting her.
My comment about trash control has to be revised.  Jeff and I did find a dumpster.

Also in Bundi we took time to tour the palace and the lake area.    I did make contact with the Rotary Club of Bundi.  I exchanged club flags and we were showered in flowers.  I always like meeting with Rotarians  because they usually can tell me what all of the pictures mean.   I take a lot of photos and I can only conjecture to what I am really seeing. 

Bundi to Bhilwara was a very long day of 140 km.   We also got rained on.   We went through huge areas of mining.   It was primarily sandstone.  They use this for roofs, fences and walls all throughout the region.  We also met with the Rotary Club of Bhilwara.   Then we went from Bhilwara to Rajsamand.

Rajsamand to Udaipur was very hilly and beautiful.  We had many switch backs and some tremendous views.  At times it was hard climbing the steep grades with cows and goats crossing in front of you. 

Udaipur is a much wealthier area.  It is cleaner, has less traffic and  has nicer homes and businesses.  We even found a shopping mall just like the USA.   They had a Walmart!  Marlbe and more valuable stone is mined in the area.  We rode for over 6 miles and had constant marble wholesale establishments.   Even the hotels were nicer to accommodate the influx of foreign buyers.

Just a few photos that catch my interest.   Electrical systems and the combination of cows and cycles.

Thanks for following and encourage others as well.

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