Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 15 to Day 29 of 100 days in India

We have surpassed the 2000 km mark for cycling.   21 days of riding and only one flat.  Udaipur to Panjim.

I would to thank Dave Galligan for sponsoring Day 19.   Just a quick note about this.   We had entered the state of Gujarat and and it is a dry state.   Prohibition does exist here.   As a tourist you can get a special permit to purchase beer and or hard liquor but on a very limited quantity.  The state has only 28 locations to purchase alcohol.  We were satisfied to not have our evening celebratory beer.   But in Surat we where next to the beer store and Jeff got the permit and we were able to have a couple to celebrate a long hard day in the saddle. 

Day 15 we were traveling through area with lots of green marble.  Along the roadside there was all of this marble polish strewn about.   We came to learn that the trucks are overloaded and if they need to make the legal weight limit they just throw the bags over the side.

Day 16 we had two mechanical problems.   Jacky had the first flat tire and Jeff's pedal broke.   The flat got fixed but the pedal had to be replaced.   It was not easy to find a bicycle store that could accommodate our pedal needs.   After 2 hours in a city of 500,000 we were able to find a pedal for Jeff.   We had just entered the state of Gurarat and things change quickly.    Now ketchup is everywhere. and prohibition exists.

Gujarat is a wealthier state and it very noticeable upon entering the state.   As our route took us to Surat we noticed more factories and that the crops have switched from wheat to now bananas, tobacco, sugar cane and vegetables.

Day 20 was very ruff for me.   I was suffering from heat exhaustion.    Vomiting, chills, and diareha and I flet like a truck hit me.   Rest day.  Day 21 was not much better, but we covered 42 km and it hit 113 degrees that day.

On day 22 we saw our glimpse of the Arabian Sea in Daman.   We touched the water but to dirty for swimming at least for our liking. 

March 27 was the day  called the festival of colors.   Happy Holi is what the locals call it.  It is celebrated by dousing each other with dry and wet water colors.   As we road along the route we were bombarded with water balloons and dry water color paint.   Jeff and I played along and just got destroyed by the colors.
colors for dousing

On day 24 we were coming into Bhiwandi and Jacky noticed all of the water tankers on the streets.   As we headed out for dinner the police made us return to our hotel because of the danger.   Earlier in the day there riots and now all of the stores were closed and the city was in lock down.   The tankers were for the police water cannons.   No food for us that night and only our 105 degree water.   Editorial comment.   We are hearing and seeing that the police do have a corrupt side to them and it is important to make your contact purposeful  and brief.

Day 25 we arrived in the outskirts of Mumbai.   Huge city and navigation is critical for safety.   At this time we are going to take a train to the State of Goa.   We going to beat the heat and see more of the country and the train will help us do that.   Also it was a goal of Jeff's to ride  on the Indian train system.
train station in Chembur
waiting for daylight to leave station

Easter Sunday is day 27 and we had planned to not ride but we took it very easy and stopped at the Basilica in North Goa and just meandered along the coast of Goa.  77 km later we found a beach hut and rested for the day.  The Arabian Sea is cleaner here and we are all swimming and enjoying the beach time.

Tomorrow we are off towards Hampi.

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