Thursday, April 11, 2013

Days 30 to 34 of 100 days in India

This was taken as we were climbing the mountain.  We started at sea level.

We left the sunny beach in Goa and headed inland.  We knew we would start seeing hills but didn't realize we would be climbing over the Western Ghats.  We hit them in the heat of the day, 113 degrees and direct sun.  It was very tough as I (Jacky) was getting nauseous and dizzy.   My sherpas came to my rescue and helped lighten my load by each taking a panier so that we could make it to the top.  We were all beat!

Biking to Hampi.

It got easier from there.  We stayed on the plateau.  We reached Hampi which is known for its ruins that were built in the 14th century.  It was very impressive especially when considering the time period that it was built in. Below are pictures of the temples and their intricate stone carvings.

Elephant stables.
Temple entering Hampi.
Intricate stone carvings.

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