Thursday, April 11, 2013

Days 35-38 of 100 in India plus other fun stuff

As we ride throughout the day we experience a lot of variety in nature, foods and what we see on the road.  They load their trucks so heavy that it is not uncommon to see a truck over turned.

Or maybe the truck was swerving from this road kill.  They never drag the dead animal off the road.  They leave them for the vultures to eat.  It turns into a real nice smell to ride by (if you know what I mean).
Dead cow.

Or you may encounter some very aggressive monkeys.  Pretty smart may I add.  They will jump on you and grab your food and/or water.  Below they stole a water bottle, unscrewed the top, and then poured it on the ground so they could lap it up.

We have had some challenges with the hot weather with riding temperatures reaching 120 degrees.  We frequently have to stop to get something cold to drink, get in the shade or have some good ole roadside watermelon.

Other challenges have been finding internet which seems very surprising to us since they are supposedly the country that we are worried about in surpassing us with technology.  Another challenge is regular electricity.  It is intermittent.  Many places have back up generators but they cannot always carry the load either.  Yesterday there was a 1.5 hr blackout from 12:00 - 1:30pm in Gandi.  Their were surgeries taking place at this time at their state run hospital.  The back up generator kicked in but ran out of fuel.  The surgeons were left in the dark not knowing if their patients were dead or alive.  ICU patients on ventilators had to have their families handle the manual resuscitator to help the patients breathe and other ICU patients had to fend for themselves. They state these blackouts are not uncommon.
Back up generator
We have experienced a lot of beauty also.  There is nothing like a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

Passing by the mango groves is a welcoming site.  We have eaten mangos and have had a lot of Maaza, the mango drink.

We also are enjoying some great food from the roadside vendors.  One of our favorite breakfasts is the masala dosa.  It is a fried bread that has a potato mixture in it with masala seasoning.  You eat it with your hands, tearing it off and dipping it into the sauces.  Mmm goold!

Below is the grill that they cook it on.  As you can see it is well seasoned.

Now we are off to New Dehli where we will watch the Asian Iinternational Wrestling Tournament.  The e-newsletter will be coming out within the next few days so sign up if you haven't already.

Until then, Namaste (Good-bye in Hindi)

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jalaughlin said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your trip. Have you ever considered starting a bicycle touring company for 3rd world vacations?