Monday, June 3, 2013

Sight Seeing in Pokhara

After our 3 day trek we spent a couple of days exploring Pokhara and the surrounding area.

This time of year (monsoon season) it is a real treat if you see the Annapurna Range.  I awoke one morning at 4:47 to a bright blue sky.  I jumped in a taxi and took it to Sarangkot where you can get the best view of these amazing mountains.

Gorge created by the Seti River.

The Seti River runs throughout the Pokhara valley which creates many gorges.

Devid's Falls

Devid's Falls:  In 1961 AD a Swiss couple was bathing near the fall.  A sudden flood from the Fewa Dam (Lake) swept the women, Mrs, Devid, over the falls to her death.

The World Peace Stupa overlooks Pokhara.

We biked up to the World Peace Stupa to tour the temple and also to view  Pokhara at sunset.  Unfortunately the temple was already closed for the day.

We enjoyed a beer after a grueling climb to the Stupa.

Day with the Rotarians.
We went to see the "Children of Nepal" school project that Dr Ram, a Rotarian has founded.  It focuses on 1) education for the children that do not have the needed financial means to attend school,  2) helping girls get educated, 3) help the families learn skills to obtain money to support their families, and 4) to help get violence out of the homes and schools.  Many of these children's education is funded by sponsors from other countries.

Jeff is talking with two of the students.  The smaller girl is being sponsored by Britt Rhodes from Decorah, IA.

We also visited a private school who's principal is a Rotarian.  The children were very well behaved.  They were very excited to see us and many of them presented us with flowers when we visited their classroom.

We ended the day by going to Dr Ram's home for dinner.  It was a fabulous dinner with great conversation.  Its nice to visit with someone who can answer the questions that we have regarding Nepal.

We loved Pokhara and we definitely return in the future.  Now it is time to head to Kathmandu!

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