Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day with the Bears - Denali Park

Alaska Adventure - Chapter 2. After the Arctic Circle ride Jeff and Joanne had to leave while the rest of us continued our excursion up to Denali Park. (No bikes for this portion.)

We took the camper bus back to Wonder Lake, a 5 hour ride. Along the way we saw a mother grizzly and her cub come running up toward us from afar. We all sat silently and motionless as we watched both bears walk right between 2 vehicles parked next to us and then cross the road. Wow! Can it get better than this????

We drove further down the very narrow, windy road up along the mountain. We stopped at Eilson Visitor's Center and witnessed Mt. McKinley unveil itself right before our eyes. 1 out of 5 days of the month the mountain can be seen. It makes its own weather.

After Wonder Lake (which is a mosquito haven) we jumped on a bus to take us back. The mountain no longer could be seen. However, we did see many moose, caribou, dahl sheep, and wolves. We also saw 5 more grizzlies. Two were from afar but the other 3 were 2 cubs and a mother. They were smack dab in the middle of the road. The mother was content on eating while the 2 cubs wrestled on and on. Yes, it did get better.

Along the way we would get off of the bus and do our own hikes.

It was a spectacular trip. Wow, we feel so lucky!

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Team242 said...

This is amazing! I am a friend of Mark's and he told me about your epic adventure. You guys are awesome!