Thursday, January 21, 2010

To the Most Southern Tip in the Continental U.S.A. - Key West, Florida

We made it to the tip of the U.S., Key West. It was strange to look over the water and know that Cuba was just 90 miles away. Because touching the four corners of the U.S. is a goal of ours we felt inclined to dip our tires into the ocean. While we were there we enjoyed walking around and hearing the music, both in establishments and also on the streets. Key West is very artsy and many of the artists set up their stands on the harbor. One night we had a clear sky so we took in the sunset. What a magnificant sight that was! We also ran into some very friendly locals. The sailboat pictured is a schooner. This schooner has sailed around the world. We were offered a complimentary sailboat ride but unfortunately the afternoon sail was cancelled and our schedule didn't allow us to go on the sunset sail. I guess we'll have to go back to Key West.

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