Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Trip Through the Keys of Florida

Our trip from Key Largo, through the Keys to Key West was an adventure. We were very fortunate to have friends from Sweden come to join us for this leg. (We actually met Ralph and Louise 2.5 years ago. They camped next to us at a campground in Germany.) They were our support from Key Largo to Marathon. It was a luxury to not have to haul our gear. We had a fabulous time with them and even learned their Swedish "toasting" song.

If you know anything about the Keys, you know its 100 miles from one end to the other and it consists of a string of islands connected by many, many bridges. Ralph and Louise had to leave us so we had to haul our gear for the last 50 miles. The weather was cold with 20mph crosswinds. As we tried to ride across these very exposed bridges (one of them was 7 miles long) the wind would get a hold of our bikes and whip us back and forth. We literally had to lean at a 45 degree angle into the wind. I (Jacky) had to get off and walk across 2 of the bridges because the strong winds were blowing me into the traffic. I was very relieved to finally ride into Key West. I was also very happy to make it in time to watch the Green Bay Packer game, even though I had to wear my winter clothes indoor to watch it. Key West is suppose to be warm so no hotel room has heat. The inside of our room was 52 degrees. It made us think of home.

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