Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cycling the Altantic Coast from Orlando to Miami

On our way to Miami we were side tracked by the sound of music. The country tunes were coming from a little band playing in the courtyard of a resort. It made for a nice relaxing break.

Along our route we cycled along the ocean and saw many beautiful sights, as well as unique ones. How often do you see a "Crocodile Crossing" sign?

All through Florida we have experienced outstanding hospitality. We have stayed with other fellow bicyclists through the "warm showers" organization. It was great to get a warm meal and fun to share stories. But, one unique event occurred when we were sitting on a curb making our sandwich for lunch. A truck pulled up with a woman and man in it. The woman said, "I don't mean to offend you but, would you guys like a shower or a warm bed to sleep in?" Normally we would have snatched that one up as the Florida temps were reaching record lows. However, we already had arrangements made for that evening. Then she gave me her business card and proceeded to say, "if you need anything now or in the future, please call us." Now that is refreshing. It made me ask myself, "would I do that for a stranger?"

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