Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back into Maine on our way to Quebec

We were anxious to get our budget back on track and re-enter the US. We had wanted to camp but the campgrounds were not open yet. We found that the Elks Lodges come to our rescue. The Elks Lodge in Houlton, which is still all men members, welcomed us in. They were having a grill out that evening and they fed us a fantastic chicken dinner. Then Donald Dunn took us in for the night and gave us a comfy bed to sleep in.

In the northeast they don't have bowling like we know it. They have candlestick bowling which entails a smaller ball and smaller pins. They say a score of 100 is good!

Its also interesting to see the signs showing when these cities were established.

Before entering back into Canada on our way to Quebec, we were stopped on the road by a TV crew and interviewed. It was funny because locals would yell to us on the road that they saw us on TV and wish us good luck!

Maine was very good to us!!

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