Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bonjour! The Wonderful French Canadian Hospitality!

We had a tiring ride to Quebec as we were facing daily headwinds, heat and long distances. Our reprieve from the wind was eating lunch behind some dumpsters.

We found the French Canadians to be very friendly. We passed one lady, Bridget, walking her bike with a flat tire. Ward fixed her tire and she was so grateful that, through the use of charades, she invited us to her house for dinner and to sleep. Unfortunately, we needed to get farther down the road and had to decline.

In route to Quebec we met another local cyclist, Jean-Luc, that invited us to stay at his house for 2 nights while we toured Quebec City. He lives right next to "Old Quebec" which made it very convenient for touring.

To get to Quebec City from Levis, we took the local ferry. We were amazed at how many bikers were on the ferry. Ward noticed a biker with a bike problem and had to lend a hand. We also met a young couple on the ferry that took interest in our trip. Who would have thought that we would end up running into them the next day on the street and enjoy more conversation and drinks together.

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