Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Upstate New York

On May 27th we entered back into the US through New York. We found Upstate New York to be very beautiful with rolling hills and fields. We were very happy the NW winds wouldn't be bothering us for awhile. As we rode through Amish country we stopped at a farm that was selling baked goods. The family brought coffee out for us and we shared stories with the kids for some time as we ate our warm creme filled donuts and chocolate chip cookies. Reminded me of childhood expereinces.

We also found the same friendliness that we have been experiencing up the whole east coast. Jim Mousaw, an Elk member from Potsdam, let us camp in his yard, but...not before a night cap up in his tiki bar that he built right off from his bedroom. Then John from Ace Hardware, also an Elk member, picked us up and took us to breakfast the next morning.

We have been running pretty hard the past few weeks averaging 70-85 miles a day. But, we always take time to see the beauty along the way (flowers and swan).

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